Home Selling FAQs

How much is my home worth?

There are many factors that determine the value of a home. Location, condition, and desirability, to name a few. At BoyCott, we provide a comprehensive market analysis report that will give accurate sales pricing info. Keep in mind that pricing a home correctly to sell is an art and a science. That’s why we sit down with you to walk you through pricing.

How fast will my house sell?

That depends. The fastest way to sell your home is to make sure the price is right, you understand the market, and your home gets found. If buyers see a fair price and can see the home quickly, you’re set up for success, and your home will sell much quicker.

How will I know someone has shown/seen the house?

We install Supra Boxes on our listings.  It’s an electronic device that holds the key and records whom and when an agent opens the device, then reports it to our database.  We email you as soon as we get the notification that an agent has activated the box.  In addition, we request that all visiting agents leave a business card behind as a courtesy to let you know that someone has been in the home as well.

What do I need to do to get the house ready to sell?

Cleanliness is key. Think about what’s important to you if you’re looking for your next home. Keep in mind what would be important to you if you were looking for your next home. You want potential buyers to envision themselves living in the home. Less clutter always helps with this. Don’t be afraid to look at other listings to see what works, and ask us about specifics. That’s what we’re here for- to lend our expertise throughout the process.

What do I need to tell potential buyers about the house?

You have to disclose all known facts about the home that can affect the value, whether visible or not. A good rule of thumb: if you are compelled to ask, “should I disclose this?” – the answer is yes. Transparency is key.

Should we have an open house?

Open houses can be very beneficial. If we are not getting the desired traffic showing your home, we can host local realtors to give us feedback and also see if they have any current buyers that may be a fit for your home.  Our professional marketing plan will offer many effective ways to market and sell your home.

Should I try to sell it myself or hire a real estate agent?

Statistics show that it typically takes longer to sell a home without hiring a real estate agent. Unfortunately, many times at a net price that is lower for the owner even if you factor in the fee/commission. We have many tools available to help a seller get the most money from the sale of their home. Most notably, real-time knowledge of the market shows what potential buyers are looking for, and what they are willing to pay to acquire it.

Why should I choose BoyCott Realty to sell my home?

We know the market. We’re really good at selling homes. We’re fun to work with. We’re good looking. We work closely with you at every step in the process– after all, nobody knows your home better than you.

And we defend and protect you against the traditional, expensive commission model with our flat fee listing. Try out the slider below to see how much you can save with BoyCott Realty.

If your question isn’t listed above or you would like more information, call our office at 352-872-5757.

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