How We’re Different

Have Integrity and Be Transparent

Everyone at BoyCott Realty, at all times and in every way, keeps our word. If we say we’re going to do something, we do it. Brokers support our associates; our associates support our customers. Supported customers feel happy and make good home buying/selling choices.

HR keeps us happy, which helps us keep you happy. Accounting keeps us financially accurate and transparent, keeping all of our records organized and accessible. And marketing and sales make it known that BoyCott Realty is in fact, keeping integrity. At any time any associate can see company financials, ask about and contribute to the forward movement of BoyCott Realty. We encourage participation and value everyone’s point of view.

Whistle While We Work

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.” – Simon Sinek

Take a walk through our offices and you’ll hear music and see people dancing in the office. More importantly, you’ll see hard working associates that understand when we work hard, we get to play hard. You’ll sense that everyone wants to be here, like we’re all friends around a table on game night. This isn’t just any old career; it’s what makes us happy. We also all agree that if you don’t like your job, or don’t plan on doing it forever, why are you doing it now?

Elbow Grease

We have a lot of fun, but our fun doesn’t distract us from our work. If anything, it only makes us work harder, smarter. Having a get-it-done approach ensures we can keep doing what we love, and working with the people we love, beyond just today. It ensures we continue to serve our customers and community as promised so there’s always a desire to use us again. Our hard work creates repeat business and referrals!

Own It

When we work on getting something done, we own it, regardless of setbacks and outcome. Owning something when it’s successful is easy. Owning something when it goes haywire or off-the-beaten-path builds character. We also celebrate owning our success.

Continuous improvement is a shared responsibility, action is an independent one.

At BoyCott, everyone takes total accountability for their actions, owns their successes and setbacks. This builds trust throughout the company and among each other.

Spread the Love

We value and respect each other, plain and simple. We value relationships. We value people, be they colleagues, friends, co-workers, family or customers. We also make a difference in the world by showing up with integrity and being of service to one another, by showing kindness, compassion, respect, forgiveness and humility. This translates into our work environment by the level of support we offer one another. It also translates into the way in which we treat our customers. We want to help. We like helping and educating, which is why we’re dedicated to open source and transparency. We want our good to be shared.

Rising Up

Growing as individuals and as a whole is a continuous effort, and in order to accomplish great things, a certain amount of faith in ‘possibility’ is required. We may not have all the answers all the time, but with dedication and commitment, we pursue our infinite potential, knowing we can reach our desired goals. Repeatedly, experience proves we can achieve even more than we originally thought possible, we will never cease to rise up.

BoyCott Realty

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